Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula (Da Nang) has an area of ​​4400ha, the center of Da Nang about 7km, is being developed into a resort with …


The colonies are very close to shore, waves at this beach two gentle, safe for diving tourism.

Surrounding Son Tra is the sea, close to the woods is fine white sand, comfortable running along the narrow beach. In places empty, the monkeys often play down the beach forest. Alternating between sand and sea, plants are the cornerstone beautiful shapes. Hon, the fish look like warts on the sand swaying, sometimes rock like turtles head up with one another prankster, island girl beach picture … North shore winds and strong waves, suitable for adventure tourism, south of Son Tra sea calm, safe. Son Tra is approximately 20 stream flows, water supply mainly for people living around. Mineral water in Son Tra is considered one of the valuable resources and export economy. Son Tra has a lighthouse Tien Sa is one of the largest and most beautiful light in Vietnam, was rebuilt in 1958.
Son Tra is not only attractive for tourists but also a place to find the ecological scientists. Sanctuaries Son Tra natural ecosystems broadleaf evergreen forest with many endemic plants, especially trees that are black, glossy leaf oil, coastal runs to create the romantic beach. There are many large trees with odd shapes. Number of vascular plant species to nearly 1000 species of 483 more, including 22 rare species of plants Essence evening appointment, Long live the tree strategy, Re incense, Cam Lai Ba Ria and 143 species of medicinal plants, 104 plants . Son Tra has relation scrub, grassland, rich, run down the coast. In this sanctuary also has 30 species of mammals belonging to 15 families, 51 species of 25 families and 15 species of reptiles and three amphibians. Son Tra is common in all kinds of rare animals such as monkeys and dates to about 50-60 individuals, long-tailed macaques, wild pigs, hills, cheeks silver mink, yellow-legged squirrels, trees with spots, chicken red cash, green turtles.